How to celebrate Independence Day?

Younger Son was put out today that there aren’t any fireworks sponsored by the city this year, and we don’t have anywhere in the country to go where we can shoot off our own. In his view the Fourth of July is just not any good without fireworks. Of course I felt obligated to remind him that any way we choose to celebrate the Fourth of July is good because we are free to do as we choose. Being 15, he just wasn’t that impressed with my little speech. I’m going to snicker when he has his own kids and this topic (and so many others) pops up. Skip the snicker…I’ll probably fall down with a good rolling belly laugh. Anyway, I digress.

Are you celebrating without the usual fan fare? No biggie. Check this out, it will make you smile

I have seen a lot of posts about freedom and the Declaration of Independence, and I agree with all of that. I thought hard about posting something serious and history-minded, and then I realized that’s what everyone else was doing. So, I determined that I would not note the passage of this day as most others do. I’ll be a little bit different and post something silly and fun.

I am so thankful for the freedom to be silly and have fun. I live in a place that’s well protected, and that we have (for now) the freedom to do whatever the heck we feel like, within reason. I don’t believe that we’ll always have that, but at least we do for the time being.

So, kick up your heels. Lay around watching tv. Shoot off some firecrackers. Make love to your sweetheart somewhere new and exciting. However you celebrate the 4th, be mindful that others paved the way for that freedom. I think that’s all they’d ask of us today, to just be mindful.

Uh oh…I guess I went and posted something serious after all. OH well…enjoy the song and revel in its silliness!

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  1. is spooky quiet here too….just will be a 10 min display is what I hear at dark.
    whoa….nobody has money to splurge for big displays@

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