Waiting for paint to dry

It’s 10:52pm as I sit down to write this, and I am waiting for paint to dry. Yes, it is as boring as it sounds, and I’m grateful to have this blog to blather on while I’m waiting. I have two coats of primer on, and I am just waiting for one wall to dry so I can get a coat of the top coat on before we go to Mom and Dad’s for the night. The plumber is coming tomorrow to put the toilet and sink in, and that wall has to be done before that happens.

I’ll be so slap-happy to get this project done and get back into my house. Don’t get me wrong…I love my parents, but there is nothing like staying in your own house with your own bed, and your own house rules. I especially want to wake up and take a shower in my own new bathroom, with the brand new quiet fan. Cancel that…I want a nice long bath. I bought some new bath salts just for the occasion!  Here are some more pictures of the ongoing progress:

This week has gone by fast, and I am hoping that tomorrow is as successful as I hope it will be. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

My new floor is in!
The primer is on! You can just see Older Son peeking in at the right.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for paint to dry

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  1. Hey there!

    Mom and Dad didn’t get a whole new bathroom…just a tub replacement and a fresh coat of paint, but it looks good!

    How’s things on your end? Love you too!

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