Back to work today

After all the hubbub of last week, I had a nice peaceful weekend at my parent’s house with the boys and my Aunt. Now that the weekend is over, it’s back to business as usual. Well, perhaps not as it usually is.

Given that work is still ongoing with my bathroom remodel, and I keep a laptop for work, my boss let me work from home Monday through Thursday. Already this morning the young man who’s doing the drywall has been here, and will be back periodically throughout the day. It will be interesting trying to stay focused on work, with so much in my house that needs doing, but I’m hoping it will work out ok.

With any luck, the drywall will be done by Tuesday so I can paint. Then the floor guy is supposed to come Wednesday morning, and then the rest of the plumbing can be done Thursday. Once that’s all done, we can move back into our house and I can go back to work at the office!


About Sparrow
I am a 49 years young and the mother of two amazing young men, who've grown up and left me an Empty-Nester. I write about what's going on in my little corner of the High Plains, or what happens to be crawling across my brain on a given day. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make yourself at home...through the magic of the internet, the coffee's always free and the doughnuts are fresh!

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