Happy Solstice!

Today is the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. After today, the days start getting shorter until we hit the Winter Solstice on December 21st, and that makes me a little sad. It’s ok, though. Everything is cyclical, and just knowing that helps me stay sane.

The ancients of many cultures celebrated the solstices, not only as a means of time/season demarcation, but also for religious purposes. I know Wikipedia isn’t always the most accurate thing on the Web, but it is at least a jumping off point, if you are interested in finding out more. Check out more about scientific and cultural aspects of the Summer Solstice (a.k.a. Midsummer) HERE and HERE . There are many ancient cultures, so I won’t even go into any of it here, as I am running out of computer time for the day. (Yep…one of those dreaded to-do lists has got me by the throat again!). Let me just say that I miss, terribly, the company of others of like mind with whom I’ve celebrated the Summer Solstice in the past.

May you never hunger, may you never thirst… and may your bonfire burn bright!

Happy Solstice!



About Sparrow
I am a 49 years young and the mother of two amazing young men, who've grown up and left me an Empty-Nester. I write about what's going on in my little corner of the High Plains, or what happens to be crawling across my brain on a given day. Thank you so much for stopping by. Make yourself at home...through the magic of the internet, the coffee's always free and the doughnuts are fresh!

3 Responses to Happy Solstice!

  1. Hel'wyse says:

    blessed be thy hearte and every hearte thee love and that loves thee….may your sister be Hope your brother integrity and may you walk with the blessed Mother for the rest of your days.

  2. Brea says:

    As do I, my friend and sister. The Seven Sisters seem to have been flung to the far reaches of the galaxy, with only you and I clinging to Old Home Terra Firma. Happy Solstice, my fine-feathered friend!

  3. sparrow1969 says:

    HUGS to you both!

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