What am I doing up at 6am?!

My eyes opened up and I was awake. No going back to sleep. No lazing around. I didn’t even get to participate in one of my favorite pass-times, snooze button smashing. Ugh.

It doesn’t happen very often that I am wide awake right away in the morning, and of course it’s going to happen at 6am on a Sunday. I guess I must have finally caught up on my sleep!

It’s just as well that I am up early as I have lots to do today. I won’t list all of the things I need to do as that seems to back fire on me, and none of it ever seems to get done.  So, in my next post I’ll list all the things I actually did. It always seems to me that I get stuff done, but it’s never the stuff I start out to do!

I’m sitting here listening to the birds and the traffic outside and don’t really want to get up from the computer. It’s a nice quiet morning, and as soon as I get up that all goes away. Maybe I can stall until 7am…that should be an early enough start on my day, right?!

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