Some want to be born with a silver spoon…I needed a cherry picker!

Yesterday was an interesting day. You’ve read the ongoing saga of how I’ve been getting help from my Dad to get rid of the dying tree in my back yard? Well, Yesterday the top finally came down. The boys went to visit their dad for the afternoon, so it was just me, my Dad and the tree.  No sweat, I said. I spent lots of time with my Dad cutting down trees and hauling wood as a kid…famous last words!

It never ceases to amaze me what my father does at the age of 64. In this case he climbed up that tree like a monkey, 25 ft in the air, and finished cutting the top of that tree down. He’s very careful, and very conscious about safety issues, but it’s still nerve-wracking to see him standing in the crotch of a tree that he’s busily hacking away on with a chainsaw. I seriously thought I was going to lose my lunch…I haven’t found myself physically ill like that in a very long time, just for experiencing sheer fright. My fondest wish at that point was that I had a good friend with a cherry picker, so Dad wouldn’t be standing up high in that tree. Alas, none was to be found.

It’s no wonder my mother always told my brother and I to, “Go keep an eye on your Dad…I can’t look.” Now I get it! I don’t know why it doesn’t bother kids to watch someone climb up high and use dangerous tools, but I can tell you I weathered it with much less fear then than I could ever do now. I think it has to be because most kids have a measure of fearlessness, which seems to help cover situations like that. They also don’t believe anything bad will ever happen to them or others they know. I guess the fear creeps in with time, as innocence gets worn away with experience.  And, of course, my fearless boys were not here so I could say to them, “Go keep an eye on Grandpa…I can’t look!”

The long and the short of it is that the top of the tree came down, and now it’s all about the clean up. Hopefully my friend who’s going to be taking the wood for his stove will come this week and get the rest of it taken care of.  Here’s where it’s at now:

Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have a nice clear yard!

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