Last day of school

Today was the boys’ last day of this school year. Thank goodness for small favors!

I know a lot of parents who love it when their kids are in school, but I just don’t fit that mold. I’m so much happier during the summer…every one has so much less stress. I will concede that by the end of Summer, the kids are nitpicking at each other too much, and it’s just time for them to go back to their separate schools and get a break from each other.  However, I still like it better when they are home.

So…now the Summer adventure begins! Younger Son’s summer vacation begins with Jr. Air Force ROTC camp for 10 days, then he gets the privilege of having his wisdom teeth out. After that, it’s weightlifting classes all summer with the State Fair and other various events in between.

Older Son has a job, but won’t likely see much work until the State Fair starts, due to construction, so he will have a nice break between now and the end of July. He’s talked lot about growing a herb garden, and I think he and I will have a good time doing that together. I think he and I may take a quick get away vacation overnight somewhere while Younger is away at camp. Hm…now where to go?

As for me, I will be having the window’s replaced on my house, and my bathroom will be gutted and replaced this summer. Not only that, but I have a basement that perpetually needs organizing. Good times! (surely you heard the sarcasm there?!). Anyway, it’s going to be a good summer, not because I have any inside knowledge, but because I have just decided. End of story.

Let the fun begin!

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