Movie Review: Iron Man 2

I like to go to the movies, but I could care less to pay big prices for chick flicks or anything less than something with expansive, explosive, enormous graphics.  So, this last weekend, I took the boys to go see Iron Man 2, and it was great!

If you feel like watching a movie that will distract you for over two hours with an interesting story (though not as good as the first one) and some fabulous explosions and graphics, go see this one. Check out the link I posted for it above…that tells the story better than I can.



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4 Responses to Movie Review: Iron Man 2

  1. Hel'wyse says:

    unfortunately I went to see clash of the Titans… Liam as Zeus is pretty good…but too dark of a movie…even the daylight scenes were dark!
    oh pooh

  2. owljones says:

    Hey ya! Is he still as sexy as he was in the first Iron Man!?? Listen to me.. I am such a pig!!!! LOL
    I am glad to hear it can hold it’s own. I usually wait for sequels to upload to net flicks.. but I might take my daughter for her birthday. Thanks! 🙂

  3. breaaire says:

    It is a really good movie, and Mickey Rourke is wonderful as a Russian “bad guy”. He’s got the old spark in his eye, and the evil glint to his grin.

    And, my friend, who could turn down Robert Downey Jr.?

    Only thing that really disappointed me was Don Cheadle as Roadie… I like him as an actor, but I still see Terrence Howard…love those eyes *sigh*.

  4. sparrow1969 says:

    Hel’wyse, I know what you mean about movies that are filmed too dark. I think I might just take the chance on this one though…Liam Neeson would probably be worth it!

    Owljones…Oh yes! Robert Downey Jr is just as sexy as in the first movie. He made a good Sherlock Holmes too, I thought!

    Brea…Mickey Rourke did make a good bad guy. He’s never been one of my favorite actors, but he was good in this.

    I think the next movie I want to see is Robin Hood with…oh my goodness, Russell Crowe is nice to look at! He was also good in Gladiator…what a sad movie.

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