Conspiracy theories anyone? Put on your tinfoil hat!

I have the week off, and part of the joy of having the week of for me is being able to catch up on all my radio and podcast shows that I don’t normally have time for.  The show I’m listening to at the moment is PID Radio , (aka Peering into the Darkness). Sharon and Derek Gilbert run this show out of their home in Indiana, and while I don’t share their religious beliefs, I really do like them and their show. While they are very conservative Christians, they aren’t haters of non-Christians, like many high-profile ultra conservative Christians have shown themselves to be. They have very interesting viewpoints on Christianity and the Bible and, as Sharon says, also have a firm grip on their tinfoil hats. They delve into all manner of topics, many of which require you to have your tinfoil hat firmly in place before listening. Their guests speak about UFO’s, demons, and conspiracy theories, just to name a few topics. One of the things I like best about Derek and Sharon is the amount of research they put into their shows, and yet they will say not to take their word for it, but to research it for yourselves…go see the information with your own eyes and make of it what you will. I like their style.

Today on an episode of A View From The Bunker, which is their sister show (given out through the same feed as PID Radio) there is an interview with a guy named Patrick Wood, who’s talking about the possibility of Carbon Currency in the future. Normally I am all about conspiracy theories. I love how so many different people can take the same information and come to vastly different conclusions. I like the cloak and dagger aspect of things, or at least I did. For some reason, hearing about the history of our Government’s involvement in the Trilateral Commission, the possibility in the emergence of a globally regional currency called the Amero, and the take over of a one world government is just not interesting any more.

However, the  notion of the issuance of a carbon-based currency is actually a little bit of a new twist on one world government conspiracy, and it’s nice to hear something new on the topic. I think what’s caused my boredom with the governmental conspiracy thing is that there isn’t ever any new information or movement to prove or disprove all the speculation. Now we have something new to add to the mix… the addition of the concept of using Cap and Trade type carbon credits that the normal person on the street would have to deal with like currency. I haven’t done any of my own research on that, so I will leave the topic there and let you take it where you will. I’m glad to hear that the conspiracy theorists have something new to chew on for a change.

So, if you are into conspiracy theories of all kinds, and don’t mind a little heartfelt religious banter from people who would make lovely neighbors, stop by and check it out.

Oh, and don’t forget your tinfoil hat!


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